6 star Los Cabos : Congrats Dion Atkinson and Coco Ho!

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The winners of the 6 Star Los Cabos Open Surf 2014 are Matt Banding (Australia), and Coco Ho (Hawaii).

Coco Ho takes a nice wave for the win

Coco Ho won the final against her fellow countryman Brianna Cope. She finished with a 17.10 score (wave1: 8.17, wave 2: 8.93) Brianna Cope makes a score of 11.60 (wave 1: 6.00, wave 2: 5.60).

Matt Banding with a 8.00 wave score

The Man final was 100% Australian. There were Matt Banding and Dion Atkinson. And with a score of 15.30 (wave 1: 7.30, wave 2: 8.00) Matt Banding wins the heat. Dion Atkinson has also made a nice round with a score of 13.20 (wave 1: 6.23, wave 2: 6.97).

Here are the highlights of the final day of the 6 star Los Cabos


The next round will take place in South Africa for men from 30 June to 6 July and California for women from 8 to 10 August.

Learn more about: http://www.aspworldtour.com/events/2014/mqs/672/los-cabos-open-of-surf

It surf season in Phuket take a look at the wave from our livewebcam :



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