An Original Suit for Surfers!

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The suit is a uniform we can’t avoid in the working world. That’s why Quiksilver Japan went into partnership with TBWA hakuhodo advertising agency. They designed an original suit which can be used as a wetsuit when surfing.

True Wetsuits

What is the concept?

Most surfers catch a few waves before going to work and lose precious minutes to change clothes. The brand highlights, with humor, the ability to go from the beach to the office without getting changed while remaining elegant. A good balance between work and leisure.

The “True wetsuit” is a neoprene wetsuit with a very elastic fabric and waterproof pockets. There are three different models, the “black”, the “navy” and the “smoking”. The set includes a jacket, pants and a shirt, you have the choice between a tie or a bow tie. However, it does not guarantee you to be completely dry off the water.

What is the price of this wetsuit?

This innovation will cost you 2300 euros, which is expensive. This is available only in Japan for the moment and the woman design has not been launched yet.

At SSS Phuket, we don’t have these kind of wetsuits but we offer surfing lessons, a lycra will be enough!

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