Anti shark attacks wetsuit

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Scientists tried to repel shark attacks with a striped suit called Anti shark attacks wetsuit :

Scientists have proven that sharks do not attack the men to devour. They bite out of curiosity rather to determine what kind of animal they might be.

In fact, Australia is not the only one concerned but the shark attacks on humans are increasing worldwide. According to Hamish Jolly Research Director and Commercial Innovator – Science and Technology, during the last three years, which unfortunately and tragically culminated five deadly attacks in ten months; “The list of victims continues to grow.” 

Anti shark attacks wetsuit

Anti shark attacks wetsuit

However, scientists have taken the initiative to seek solutions to prevent the risk of shark attacks. Also better inform surfers given that they are the main victims of the attacks of sharks.

Indeed, to avoid any incident, Australian researchers have invented a combination whose camouflage and coloring are very difficult for sharks to distinguish individuals with the underwater. Ie a combination in camouflage imitating poisonous fish “this signal is often a striped pattern.”

Two types of combinations have emerged to simply tell the sharks that their holders are not eating. In this case a distinction is made between two combinations of models:

  • “Diverter” (divert) is basically designed for surfers mimics the black and white stripes of a poisonous fish. The user of the combination is not confused with a potential prey or inedible, but instead becomes a threat to the shark;
Anti shark attacks wetsuit

Anti shark attacks wetsuit

  • “Elude” (escape) also blue and white surfers dedicated to exploiting the poor color perception by sharks to make the invisible swimmer in marine waters.

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The two design variations either present the wearer as potentially dangerous and unpalatable to a shark. And even make it very difficult for the shark to see the wearer in the water.

Radiator opened pre-orders for the first suits online on Thursday, with prices starting at Aus$429 (£258)

It is hoped that the Anti shark attacks wetsuit can reduce the number of people who are fatally attacked by sharks.

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