Crossing the Atlantic on a SUP board

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Nicolas Jarossay who hold a world record for his crossing Lyon-Carro in 24 hours on a Stand-Up Paddle board, is preparing the Atlantic Ocean crossing in January 2016. He would like to join Martinique from Cape Verde, that is to say 5000 km standing on his 6.5 meters board.

Nicolas Jarossay on his paddle board


What does he need to survive 60 days in the middle of the Ocean?

The 38 years old athlete predict to bring 70 kg of freeze-dried food that he will cook with hot water. A kettle connect to a solar panel will allow him to boil water. Concerning drinking water, the oarsman will have to pump with his arm strength using a manual water maker. He predict 8 liters of water a day which requires more than one hour!

In order to be seen by boats, he obtained an AIS system. The radar reflector that he will hang to the kite will allow a better visibility too.

How will he manage to cross the Atlantic on a SUP board?

Nicolas Jarossay planned to paddle 8 hours a day with breaks every two hours. His goal is not to “race”, he will go at his own pace. He will eat 3 meals a day and a snack after a 2 hours effort to not lose his appetite.

Not being able to rest is certainly what he is most worried about. Getting to sleep in the middle of the ocean with the waves’ noise and the seasickness can be hard. He will sleep in a watertight compartment of 2,2 m long x 0,45 m high x 0,80 m width at the front of the small boat. He will often have to get up to check if everything is alright.

What kind of problems he will have to face?

Nicolas Jarossay could be confronted with some difficulties during the Atlantic Ocean crossing. Toothed whale don’t have any radar and the male can attack if females are in the area. Storms are also a danger, a hollow can reach up to 10 meters.

A crossing to follow closely in 2016!

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