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Surf is a sport which tends to be ecological. But we surfer do not know what are the component of our surfboard. It appears that they are not ecological at all. Compounds are polyurethane, fiberglass, polyester resin and acetone. None of this material are recyclable, it represent about 6kg of waste per board.


Ecological surfboard component

A group of French people decided to create an ecological surfboard. It is composed with recycled polystyrene, flax fiber and bio-resin source. About 75% of the materials are recyclable, and this represents 1kg of waste per board.

This board created by French from Anglet seems to be performant. It have for specification to be 20% more light than other boards, it floats better, absorbs vibrations and is dynamic.

Anyway the idea seems good especially nowadays when we talk more than ever sustainable development. I let you go for a ride on their sites and forums to judge by yourself.

Notox official website to support the project:

From April to November the waves landed in Phuket! We offer surf lessons on Kata Beach, Phuket :

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