How to choose the size of its surfboard

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Choose the size of its surfboard is an important point and it should not be overlooked.

Firstly, it must determine its template and its level of practice. For this you must answer the 5 following questions:

  1. What is your level of practice in surfing: beginner? Intermediate? Advanced?
  2. How often you surf or you want to surf: All days? Weeks? Months? Summer?
  3. What is your motivation to go surfing: Ready to challenge the weather to progress? Can you stand up and follow the waves? Surf like a pro?
  4. What is your physical condition: Practice a/of sport(s) outside of the surf?
  5. What is your template: Small template, large template?

With your answers, you have determined your level of practice, which subsequently, will allow you to choose the size of your surfboard.

Choose the type and size of your board:



Mainly the “outline” and the “rocker” allow you to determine the type of board, with its characteristics.

The “outline” is the general shape of the board, that is to say that it is this which will define its length, width, and thickness.

The “rocker” is the shape of the board when it is viewed from the side; it is distinguished by its “banana” form.

A board with little rocker, therefore which is almost flat, will tend to be faster, it will provide a better start on the small waves but will be more difficult to handle.

On the contrary, a board with a lot of “rocker” will be more manageable, and will allow good starts in hollow waves and powerful starts.

Finally a wide and short board with little rocker is more suited for small waves and beginners.



For beginners, it is better to choose a wide and thick board with little rocker, either a longboard. It will allow you a better stability; you will learn more quickly and feel quickly the sensations of slides.

differences-taille-de-surf taille-de-planche-de-surf


The more interesting board for beginners is therefore the longboard because it is wide and thick which allows a better stability despite the difficult handling, which is not necessary in the beginning of learning.

More you improve your level more you will choose small and thin boards, and with a lot of rocker. These boards will allow you to have speed on big waves and to have a good maneuverability.

Now that you have chosen your board, you can go teasing the waves. I would also advise you to go see the coaching page of Tribord which is very interesting and can bring you a lot of help:

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