How to choose your surfboard?

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Tribord explain us how to choose its surfboard in a short and concise way.


The board must be adapted to your template and your level of practice that is why when you choose a board you must take into account the following elements:

  • The maneuverability: it will depend on the sides (dimensions) and shape (general form of the board).
  • Stability: according to the general forms of the board.
  • The strength: according to the components and the technology brought to the dashboard

-Epoxy board: resists to dents but subjects to paint chips

-Polyester board: subject to dents but easily repairable and the wooden battens reinforce the solidity of the board

-Foam board: absorbs shocks and avoids dents and the wooden battens reinforce the solidity of the board

After you have chosen your board, you need transportation equipment and repair which are:

  • The pouch: to protect the board of shocks
  • The noseguard: which will protect the nose of the board

Of course we should also think about surf safety, and for this you will need:

  • The leash: the clip that you will allow you to not lose your board
  • The wax: which will allow a better adhesion to the board
  • The top: which will protect from the sun and rubbing

Here’s how to choose a surfboard, to use and maintain it. This is not an easy thing and I invite you to visit the Tribord website for more information:

For good advice, you also can check out our website: SSS Phuket


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