How to duckdive ?

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Duckdiving seems to be a difficult thing to learn for a lot of surfers, but the hardest thing is maybe to know when to do it exactly. How to do a duckdive?

  1. When a wave is approaching, do a few paddles straight to the wave in order to get speed.  When the wave is close to you, grab the rails at your chest and push down on the front of the board. You have to keep the board as deep as possible. Then submerge your body by keeping your board tightly in your hand.
  2. When you’re close to your board underwater, and under the wave, wait the wave pass over you, push down on the tail of the board with your foot or your knee. You can pull yourself toward the board to have your body under, but not too hard, otherwise, the board will go to the surface too quickly.
  3. Your opposite leg will bend up behind you. I let you imagine, when a surfer do a dickdive, the last thing you see is his or her foot disappearing into the sea.
  4. As the wave passes over you, pull up on the nose of the board and you can go on to the surface. If you’re deep, you can do a frog kick to float back.

Every movements of the duckdive must be smooth because all the moves flow into each other. Moreover timing is a big part of a perfect duckdive, and to be successful in timing, only experience can help you.

It’s easier to duck with a bodyboard because it’s smaller so if you can use a bodyboard, just to get comfortable with the movements and the act of diving under a wave with a board it will be very efficient.


  • Make sure to grip your board hard because the strength of the waves can take away your board and you could be wounded.
  • Deeper is the duckdive, better it is.
  • Using your foot to push the tail of the board under the water will save your board from pressure dings.
  • Try to take the energy of the tube to float back, it is effortless.

Why it is named a duckdive? Because that’s how water birds do to pass through waves.

If you come at SSS Phuket to take surfing courses, our instructors will learn you how to duckdive.


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