Phuket Surfboard Hire

SSS Phuket is based on Kata Beach , which is a wonderful beach, with excellent conditions.
SSS Phuket allows you to have your Phuket Surfboard Hire, to enjoy your passion, or for discover a new sport.
Be ready for have fun !
Have your Phuket Surfboard Hire !

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Come, and rent a surfboard. Have your Phuket Surf board Hire ! Then, you will can practice surfing. Or, you will try alone what you learnt in surfing lessons.

We will give you the best adapted board for you. Beginners, more experienced … both will find their happiness. For example, more experienced surfers, could rent from our fleet of fiberglass, longboards or shortboards,epoxy boards. We have a range of performance boards. From 5’1 shortboard to 9’6 longboard thrusters and nose riders.

Surfing Tips

When you have a Phuket Surfboard Hire, you have to respect some rules.
Take care of Your own safety and the one the others others.

• The first rule is the priority one.

When someone is already surfing the wave, and when he goes faster towards the peak than you, you don’t have the priority. This person will take the wave. Please, always look inside the wave to know if someone has already caught it.

• The second rule: Don’t put your board in front of you.

In fonction of their size, waves can have a big power. If you put your board in front of you, you risk a shock. To minimize that, please don’t slam the board directly into you.

• The third rule: Keep your board in control.

As mentioned before, board can make injuries. Be careful ! Pay attention to you and the others before deciding to riding a wave. And always keep one hand on the board. That allows you to always have the control.

– Know your limits
Beginners or advanced, don’t put yourself and the others in dangerous situations. If you wonder the conditions are maybe more than you can assume, please, make the good choice, and don’t try new dangerous experiences at this moment.

– Be decisive
Surf is reaction! Between each wave. Depends on where you are situated. You have to be on the ball and decide very fast what is the best to do. In every situations, do not stay stuck in the middle. You will risk a collision.

– Respect people around you
That is not different than in others sports. Your respect, and the one of others, allow to everyone to enjoy their activity. In some areas, there is strong local presence. The foreign presence may not be appreciated… Please, be respectful, and try to underwent the differences. Finally, make the locals happy to welcome you !

– Warm up
Surfing is required energy ! before you go surfing it is important to warm up your muscles. Then, you will reduce the risks of injuries. Your session will be automatically better.

Respect all of these rules promise you to enjoy your Phuket Surfboard Hire.

  • Phuket Surfboard Hire Prices

    Here you can fine the Phuket Surfboard Hire Prices :
    Come to discover a new experience !


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