Phuket Surfing Lesson

SSS Phuket is based on Kata Beach. It is a wonderful beach. Conditions are perfect. Water temperature is amazing, all year long …
SSS Phuket allows you to have quality Phuket surfing lessons.
Let’s live a wonderful experience together …

Phuket Surfing Lesson of a man during the sunrise
a man during a phuket surfing lesson on a big blue wave
two men on paddle Phuket surfing lesson with sun
a surfer after his Phuket surfing lesson is walking on the beach during the sunset

Come in Kata Beach !  It’s one of ideal locations you could learn to surf in Phuket. Enjoy the breath-taking view. Appreciate the gradual sloping of the sandy ocean floor and its perfect waves for beginners.

Have Phuket Surfing Lesson, is discover a new experience.
Have a first-hand experience with one of our professional Surf instructors, of riding a wave. Try the experience in Kata Beach or Kata Noi beach. At our company, all ages are welcome. Your motivation is our fuel to give you perfect Phuket surfing lesson. Our technique has proven itself : Be ready to pop up on your surfboard on your very first Phuket Surfing Lesson.

In our shop, we have many Surfboards. We will  select the best one based on your needs and measurement. Please, only require a rash guard in the warm waters of Thailand. The temperature ranges around 29 degrees all year long.

Beginners : You will learn to catch waves and stand on your first  Phuket Surfing Lesson ! The more advanced :  you will learn techniques to better your surfing performance. Our Surf Instructors come from all over the world such as Russia. Scotland. New Zealand. France. And of course, Thailand. All of them are passionate. You would not have to fret over any language barriers during lesson time. And you will share an incredible lesson, with someone who really wants teach you surf !  SSS Phuket Surf Instructors are qualified, experienced, First Aid Certified and CRP. They have ample knowledge about the current and wave dynamics and the ocean in general. You will be in security.

SSS Phuket is happy to provide you with professional Phuket Surfing Lessons, equipment and an unforgettable experience! We accept individuals as well as groups.

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  1. Hi

    I am in Phuket on 14/15 July and would like to book a surf lesson. I am intermediate and have surfed a few times in Bali before. Are you able to help?

    Also, when is the best time to come? I know it depends on conditions, but is it usually best in the morning rather than afternoon?


    1. Post

      Dear Robert,

      Thank you for your message.

      Yes we can provide your surfing lesson on 14/15 June, i would recommend the morning time for your training.

      In order to confirm bookings we sent to our surfers a 30% deposit e-bill, it is payable by credit card.

      Feel free to contact me anytime for more clarifications,



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