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 Rip Curl “Search GPS”

Presenting the world’s first GPS surf watch – Rip Curl GPS watch.

Entering the digital age today, there are many advancements technologically and it would not be surprising to have new and exciting gadgets even for the world of surfing. A watch designed for surfers which enhances surfing experience.It is a must-have for surfers. Besides being waterproof and durable, the Rip Curl GPS watch is based on geo-location and records every of your surf session. Some of the exciting features include showing you up to 1,360 tide locations and you would be able to track every wave with the assisted GPS.

Rip curl gps watch

GPS Watch and his IOS application

After your surf session, the Rip Curl GPS watch would record data like the number, length and height of waves caught. Your distance and time spent in the water would also be noted. All these data would be synced later to an application which is compatible with the IOS system as of now. You would then be able to keep track of your performance or share the data of your surf session on social network. In addition, you would be able to follow the surf sessions of your favorite surfers. The Rip Curl “Search GPS” is now retailing at Rip Curl outlets at $349 USD.

The Rip Curl GPS watch, a technological feat ?

A technological feat or a tool that is seen to distort surfing? For now, it seems that the Rip Curl GPS watch could change the world of surfing competitions. It is for sure an advancement technologically and similar products may emerge in the near future.

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