Skimboard record for American Brad Domke!

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Brad Domke, an American known for his exploits on the big waves, broke the record for the largest wave ever surfed in skimboard.

A skimboard is a board without fins that is launched from the beach for aquaplaning at the water’s edge. These boards varnished of plywood, fiberglass or Carbon fibers are much thiner than surfboards. One or two centimeters against 4 to 6 cm. The idea is to drag long time or do tricks on the edge.

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Years ago, this amateur practice conquered of great surfers in search of achievement and excitement. It was then that on July 5, the Floridian Brad Domke, professional skimboarder, had the crazy idea of tow-in surfing the wave of Puerto Escondido in Mexico, one of the most impressive large spots the planet. Without fins, it’s difficult to surfing such big waves. Brad Domke was pulled by a jet ski to stand up on his skimboard and achieve this feat previously considered impossible.

Here’s the video of the record:


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