Stand up paddle season – The discovery of Phuket on a board it’s now !!!

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stand up paddle season
stand up paddle season

The stand up paddle season

Why not to discover very nice landscapes while doing sport ?

SUP-18-01-14It’s perfect because it’s the stand up paddle season. Be amazed by such landscapes. While doing sport.

The stand up paddle season begins when the green season stops. The Ocean becomes a glassy sea, it’s perfect to practice the stand up paddle.

stand-up-paddle-lesson-phuketDuring the stand up paddle season, SSS Phuket Dive and Surf center offers you a wide range of stand up paddle board. Sup board for hire are available for experts. For beginners stand up paddle lessons can be done anytimeto teach basis of stand up paddle.

During the season, the glassy sea provides a good visibility. So, you can enjoy the beautiful reef of Kata Beach while sup boarding. On your board and with the snorkeling equipment, you will be able to dive on crystal clear water and observe marine life.
Phuket Island offers wonders in this nice stand up paddle season.

For any sup lesson, board hire, contact us 24/7.

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