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SurfSET Fitness woman

SurfSET Fitness

You would like to keep strength and cardio in surfing when you’re not in vacation for the next summer? Now it’s possible with the SurfSET Fitness !

SurfSET Fitness board


This body surf trainer has been designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing without the ocean. It will torch your body fat, and build lean muscles. Moreover the Rip Surfer X (RSX) is adjustable for all levels and the dimensions are 70″ long by 22″ wide by 11″ high. The board is upmarket and is very resistant so you can do a lot of exercises no matter you weight. You can do all exercises related to surfing, it allows you to keep fitness out of your surfing sessions. The SurfSET Fitness offer you 4 programs in order to balance, burn, build and blend your body. With that you will improve your stability, movements, strength, and everything according to surfing. It is perfect to not lose techniques but however get a lot of benefits!

During your vacation, you can come to SSS Phuket to rent a board or to get courses in perfect waves.


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