The surf board from the origins : alaia

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Fred Compagnon surfer from Hossegor, France, put back the alaia board to the styles of the day with a video that has more than a 1 million views on Epic TV website. Surfboard origins While we are always looking for more effective boards, the alaia takes us to the origins of surfing. In fact, the first surfers in the Pacific …

Top 10 spot not to surf

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Source: Some areas are worse than others, and dangerous conditions don’t depend only on waves. As big fans of surf (, we offer you the following list (from the website: in order to not make mistakes when you go surfing, but it’s a funny spot list. Let’s go! 1. Fukushima In March 2011 a massive tsunami devastated most …

6 star Los Cabos : Congrats Dion Atkinson and Coco Ho!

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The winners of the 6 Star Los Cabos Open Surf 2014 are Matt Banding (Australia), and Coco Ho (Hawaii). Coco Ho takes a nice wave for the win Coco Ho won the final against her fellow countryman Brianna Cope. She finished with a 17.10 score (wave1: 8.17, wave 2: 8.93) Brianna Cope makes a score of 11.60 (wave 1: 6.00, …

“Just Passing Through” : short-movie

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“Just Passing through” is a short film directed by Russel Brownley and Mark Tesi. This movie includes pro surfer such as: Mick Fanning, Alana Blanchard, Luke Davis, Kai Otton, Tia Blanco, Paige Madison and many others. This film is produced by Reef. Russel Brownley takes us in beautiful spots around the world. The pictures are very beautiful with the use …

GoPro Contest: Long swell

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The website has begun a contest for the best surfing GoPro video.  You can vote for your favorite video and the the top-getter of votes receives 1000$, the winner of the Grand Prize receives 20 000$. Here is a video by Banji Brand in Namibia; I let you enjoy the sizes of the swells. If you want to see …

Arctic waves: North of the sun

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There are beautiful waves also in the Arctic Ocean. Two Norwegian filmed there ecological trip in a secret Arctic island. The two young men went for 9 months, they only eat food which was out-of-date and they built a hut with waste coming from the sea. they only took them there surfboard, and there wetsuit in order to surf the …

Line-up: Semifinals Fiji Men’s pro

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Tomorrow JUN 6, 2014 the semifinals will begin at 7.30 Am FJT, here is the line-up. These semifinals could lead to a new leader in WCT. Line-Up: –          Heat 1: Nat Young vs Michel Bourez –          Heat 2: Gabriel Medina vs Kolohe Andino We keep you updated You can also see the live contest in our website :