The LED boards: a new way to surf !

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Seen from the side of Zarautz, in the Spanish Basque Country, during an air show by night, the LED boards or LED Night Rider had then made a good impression with the public. This technological initiative, originally intended primarily to improve the safety of users, quickly turned into an excellent excuse to discover the incredible beauty of aquatic life.

How it works ?

In fact, LED lamps are installed along the entire length of the rails of the boards. Thus, the lights come on along the plank on the bottom edge. They also enter the water to 360 degrees, allowing you to see several meters below the surface of the water.

An original idea …

This idea comes from the Spanish manufacturer Pukas board, which had the idea there is already 2 years ago and now develops the same principle on the boards of Stand Up Paddle.

They dared !

Mark Visser, Australian surfer, 28, is known as one of the big waves and surfers who trains stay time of four waves under water. So, this is Hawaii at 2am that tested for us the night surfing.

Moreover, the Spanish surfing champion Aritz Aranburu has already made a demonstration on the beach of Mundaka, in his native Basque Country.

Its effect …

The lighting effect it gives off marked the spirits. Its line-up which contrasts darkness and waves curves makes the night surfing, an unusual show. Now surf at night becomes a game because you can light your waves.

See for yourself the result on this video !!

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