The Popularity of Surfing in Senegal !

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In Ngor, Yoff, Ouakam : This are neighborhoods in Senegal with interesting spots for Surfers.

Ouma Seye and his students


This infatuation is due to a man from Senagal, Ouma Seye it is a professional surfer. You can see him in the picture with his students.

His story…

Since his childhood Ouma Seye frequented the beaches of Dakar. At 13 years old he sold drinks and sandwiches on the beach with his uncle. And then he saw people surfing, this gave him the desire to do the same…So when he had time, he went to the water and he surfed. After, Ouma participated in testing dice, competition and he earned a Professional contract. He was the first black surfer to get a professional contract.

There were no federation and no club at the time. So Ouma decided to create his school and a shop for surf Equipment.

The expansion of surfing…

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Ouma Seye teaching surf

The surf is not the most popular sport in Senegal but people in Dakar at the time were already using an old board with pirogue paddle to move in the water. It’s what stand up paddle look now.

This sudden expansion is partly thanks to young Senegalese because many of them enroll in clubs. Participation in the competition creates a real interest for young people. Indeed the country’s championship and the participation in international competitions.

Expensive sport…

The price of the Equipment is quite expensive so it is not affordable for everyone. The stantard of living of the country is quite low with a monthly salary of 56 €. Everbody can not afford lesson of surf or rent Equipment.

Surfing has not finished developing in Senegal with its beautiful beaches and spots.

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