The surf board from the origins : alaia

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Fred Compagnon surfer from Hossegor, France, put back the alaia board to the styles of the day with a video that has more than a 1 million views on Epic TV website.

Surfboard origins

While we are always looking for more effective boards, the alaia takes us to the origins of surfing. In fact, the first surfers in the Pacific Ocean surfed on simple wooden boards coated with coconut oil. Nowadays Tom Wegeners manufactures this type of boards without drift (fins).

The alaia board is characterized as homecoming for closer eco surf.

Alaia’s perfomance

Moreover it appears that these boards are harder to surf, but once you succeed they provide good sensation. More speed, as well as impossible position to achieve on the waves with current board. The board alaia can be surf stand as well as lying.

Similar to snowboard with reverse cut, Fred Compagnon ask to change this board with a shape closer to that on surfboard. In the video we see him adopted a particular style of surfing, he starts to surf with a paddle on which is placed the alaia board, during the take-off  he jumps from the paddle in order to surf with the wooden board.

Here is a link to watch the video on the Epic TV website:

For more information, official website of Tom Wegeners:

These boards are ideally suited to the waves present in Kata Beach, Phuket.

If you are beginners and want to take classes we offer courses on our website:

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