WaveJet, motorized surfboard!

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You know the motorized surfboard? WaveJet is now on the market.


But today is something made​​, the board WaveJet is on the market. Need to row to reach the waves and the shore. Comprising 2 small aluminum propellers, this board electric have an autonomy comprized between 30 and 45 minutes. Largely sufficient because the system is not used continuously but only to reach waves and pass the bar. His propulsion is very significant and allows doesn’t be tired. The control is from a wireless wristband with a device which automatically shuts off the system after a fall.


mecontentThe “purist” surfers do not want to see this product on their spot because they think that a good wave results from the effort to achieve it. In no case users of WaveJet are any merit to surf a wave without having to row to reach. Indeed, the personal satisfaction that comes at a surf session would be different. But the main interest is in the Inshore Rescue. This method is both more convenient and faster for rescuers.

The model is diversified and gave birth to a Paddle board also motorized, designed by the same company. A motorized kayak is also available on their website, convenient to go fishing -> http://wavejet.com/

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